What is this about?

I will enhance this page later with more details and links to stats and resources, but basically, this site is a response to Facebook’s recent “pipeline problem” excuse for the lack of diversity among its employees: Facebook Blames Lack of Available Talent for Diversity Problem (Wall St Journal)

Many of us are outraged by tech companies like Facebook using this tired and disproven excuse, when we personally know many women and minorities who are highly qualified for tech roles, yet often have stories of difficulty finding jobs in tech (among other issues like outright racism, being ignored or harassed, and other things that lead to retention problems… but the focus of this site is countering the “pipeline problem” excuse and not the many many other issues).

IMPORTANT NOTE: Not everyone posting on this site is claiming that discrimination is the reason they didn’t get hired!

However, everyone featured has been passed up or felt like they were denied an opportunity in some way – whether for an interview, a technical conference talk, or something else they applied for – and by featuring their great work and accomplishments, I hope to help combat the common refrain that there just aren’t enough skilled women and minorities available to recruit/hire/present/etc.

Renee Teate