Various links I’ve found related to this topic that may help people who are curious about it, or want to do something about it.

Relevant Stats/Reports

People are slamming Facebook for blaming its diversity problem on a lack of talent (Business Insider, 2016)

If you think women in tech is just a pipeline problem, you haven’t been paying attention (Tech Diversity Files on Medium)

Intel Discloses Diversity Data (NPR, 2016)

Decoding Diversity: The Financial And Economic Returns to Diversity in Tech (PDF from Dalberg & Intel)

Facebook only hired seven black people in latest diversity count (The Guardian, 2015)

Diversity in Tech FAQ (Nicole Sanchez on Medium)

Race and Gender Among Computer Science Concentrators at Harvard (Winnie Wi on Medium)

Race and Gender Among Computer Science Majors at Stanford (Jorge Cueto on Medium)

We Found the Leak in your Pipeline (HBCU to Startup blog)

Morehouse College Generates 13 Percent of Black Computer Science Ph.D. Students (Atlanta Black Star)

Why Doesn’t Silicon Valley Hire Black Coders? (Bloomberg)


Hiring/Interview Practices

“We looked at tens of thousands of interviews, and everyone who had done the interviews and what they scored the candidate, and how that person ultimately performed in their job. We found zero relationship.” – Laszlo Bock, in an interview with the New York Times

Diversity: The Elusive HOW (Tech Diversity Files on Medium)

Beginning With Ourselves (Recruiting and Hiring at AirBnB)

The Responsibility of Diversity (Ashe Dryden)

Recommendations (Project Include)


On women self-selecting out (and some resources for addressing)

Why Women Don’t Apply for Jobs Unless They’re 100% Qualified (Harvard Business Review, 2014)

We built voice modulation to mask gender in technical interviews. Here’s what happened (

Report: Disturbing drop in women in computing field (Fortune, 2015)

Why so few women? (PDF from AAUW)


Other Learning Resources

Books to help you better understand your biases and lived experiences of others (Ashe Dryden)

I regularly share additional resources on twitter (@untappdpipeline)