How to share your story and work

For now, the best way to contact me is on twitter @becomingdatasci. (I’ll set up a proper contact form soon, but need to make sure it’s spam-resistant.) Let me know that’s why you’re contacting me and I’ll follow you so you can DM me your email address and I can set you up with an account here.

One you log in to your author account, you’ll see a post that explains how to add yourself, share your experiences, and feature your work. Let me know when you’re done with the post, and I’ll proofread and approve it to be published, then you’ll show up on the site!

Asking to participate is not a commitment. It’s fine to request a login before you’ve decided whether or not you’re going to post. You can read over everything, then decide.

Thank you so much for helping show what great untapped talent is in the tech industry!